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Coconut MRI

When trying to construct a head model for MRI studies, I did some experiments with coconuts. Here are some images using BrainVisa/Anatomist for display of the acquisitions from a coconut still half full of juice.

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WordPress behind proxy does not detect updates

WordPress is used for a small website in my workplace. The server must use a proxy to connect to the web, and this is necessary for many plugins and for updates. As explained in the documentation, the proxy is declared more »

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Dying hard disk : getting my data back (GNU/Linux)

Five years ago I made backups of my data to three hard drives. When my desktop died, I used a small laptop where I could not copy the 1+Tb of data stored on the backups. Last week, I tried to more »

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Pineapple MRI

Around 2010, while developping MRI sequences for brain imaging, we used an pineapple to test the effect of some parameters on the images. Here are some images rendered with Anatomist (from a Philips 3 Tesla scanner). Most are T1-weighted 3D more »

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Ending tactical voting

[To be translated…] Tactical voting Before each election in France, the largest political parties call for “tactical voting” (‘vote utile’, litterally ‘useful vote’) in the first round of our two-round elections to avoid a risk, e.g. the left being removed more »

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Alpha web version of PyVotons!

At last, I put online a web version of PyVotons!. It is alpha software, not easy to run, lacking a lot of features. You should read the Documentation page before trying to install it. You need Python and python-openssl, on more »

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Backup all MySQL databases

Goal : Saving MySQL databases to a samba (windows share) server (Ubuntu Linux). Relatively easy thing to do, but I will keep this here if I need to do it again someday… Here is the code of a small bash more »

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Soon : alpha version of WebPyvotons

After a few month of slumber, project PyVotons has awaken. It is now moving fast towards an alpha release on this website in the next few weeks. This version should include account creation, poll creation, voter’s listings, voting page and more »

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Bibtex, latex, elsarticle and nodots : meaningless error message

Just in case this could help someone else, here is a small record about why using latex and bibtex with the Elsevier article class and bibliography style model4-names.bst may lead to some headaches… First, just using \documentclass{elsarticle} and \bibliographystyle{model4-names} \bibliography{myBiblio} more »

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DroboFS : a php status page.

I recently bought a DroboFS for the storage needs of my lab. It is a nice piece of hardware but I was extremely surprised to see that the only way to configure it is the Drobo Dashboard, a Windows/Mac binary more »

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