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setGID, ldd and library not found

Today I was bewildered by a very unusual problem. Maybe this will help someone else with the same problem ! I was running an executable as myself and it was working perfectly. I had to run it as root to more »

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Ubuntu 15.04 : Adding a ppa behind a proxy

To install a new PPA (for example the KDE backports to have the latest stable KDE on Kubuntu 15.04) on a connection using a proxy for http/https access : export http_proxy=http://myProxy:port export https_proxy=http://myProxy:port sudo -E add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backport The “-E” allows more »

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Gitlab behind a reverse proxy with SSL termination

I needed to install a git server with a web interface. I decided to install Gitlab Community Edition. But I had some trouble using it behind a reverse proxy that does SSL termination I added a new virtual machine (VM) more »

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Drobo after power cut : mstatus 98304

After an unexpected power cut during the weekend, both Drobo FS at work restarted (21 hours later when the power was restored) but the samba/windows shares could not be accessed. When I tried my droboStatus script, everything was displayed normally, more »

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WordPress behind proxy does not detect updates

WordPress is used for a small website in my workplace. The server must use a proxy to connect to the web, and this is necessary for many plugins and for updates. As explained in the documentation, the proxy is declared more »

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Dying hard disk : getting my data back (GNU/Linux)

Five years ago I made backups of my data to three hard drives. When my desktop died, I used a small laptop where I could not copy the 1+Tb of data stored on the backups. Last week, I tried to more »

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Backup all MySQL databases

Goal : Saving MySQL databases to a samba (windows share) server (Ubuntu Linux). Relatively easy thing to do, but I will keep this here if I need to do it again someday… Here is the code of a small bash more »

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Bibtex, latex, elsarticle and nodots : meaningless error message

Just in case this could help someone else, here is a small record about why using latex and bibtex with the Elsevier article class and bibliography style model4-names.bst may lead to some headaches… First, just using \documentclass{elsarticle} and \bibliographystyle{model4-names} \bibliography{myBiblio} more »

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DroboFS : a php status page.

I recently bought a DroboFS for the storage needs of my lab. It is a nice piece of hardware but I was extremely surprised to see that the only way to configure it is the Drobo Dashboard, a Windows/Mac binary more »

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Download rtmp flash video from Linux

To watch a streaming flash video (rtmp streaming) from a tv website without the flash plugin, you can download the video to your computer like this : Open the web page with firefox. Right click and view the source of more »

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