Sciences en Marche 2 : Grenoble-Lyon

On october 4th 2014, Sciences en Marche militants from Grenoble went biking from Grenoble to Lyon.

Sciences en marche – Grenoble -> Lyon par m_b_38
Here is a map of what I did :
– In red, Grenoble-Rives on my bike. The bike was sent back to Grenoble on a train with a colleague.
– In blue, the sweep vehicle that started long after the bikers gets lost then goes to Eclose to meet the bikers
– In red, the sweep vehicle follows the bikers to Lyon’s ring road. The bikers ride alone to the city center, avoiding the ring road. The car parks near the river.
– In green, going on foot to the meeting point.

Link to the map

Same map (but small)

Voir en plein écran

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