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(Français) Plastiphages

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

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Tracing an old train track in OpenStreetMap’s Umap

From 1901 to the beginning of the 1950’s there was a train line between the french village of Egreville and the larger city Sens. Because I have some with a village on the track I wanted to learn more about more »

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GpxPlot : first glimpse

GpxPlot software is a project to: Display GPS tracks in 3D (from .gpx files) edit them (cutting a link, moving or removing a point,  merge tracks, edit waypoints…) Display a digital elevation model (DEM) for the map Display satellite/aerial images more »

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Coconut MRI

When trying to construct a head model for MRI studies, I did some experiments with coconuts. Here are some images using BrainVisa/Anatomist for display of the acquisitions from a coconut still half full of juice.

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Pineapple MRI

Around 2010, while developping MRI sequences for brain imaging, we used an pineapple to test the effect of some parameters on the images. Here are some images rendered with Anatomist (from a Philips 3 Tesla scanner). Most are T1-weighted 3D more »

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