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SFourmi on the web using Emscripten

The SFourmi project is now running directly in the web browser, being compiled from C++ into WebAssembly using Emscripten. Try it here but be patient, it is very slow to load (explanations below) You can then use mouse and keys more »

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SFourmi – Super Ant

SuperFourmi (SuperAnt) a multi-agent ant simulator from the last millenium (!) – Github link History It was the first C++ project I developped in highschool (Michel Tran Ngoc, Manik Bhattacharjee for conception and code, graphics by Tristan Millner and some code more »

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Virtual tour of Louis-le-Grand high school (1996-1998)

Project LLG I decided to dig up an old project, a virtual tour of my highschool in 1997-1998 and to convert it to a html5/javascript/css web project to learn more about these languages. At the beginning, this was about visiting more »

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