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Sciences en Marche 2 : Grenoble-Lyon

On october 4th 2014, Sciences en Marche militants from Grenoble went biking from Grenoble to Lyon. Sciences en marche – Grenoble -> Lyon par m_b_38 Here is a map of what I did : – In red, Grenoble-Rives on my more »

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Sciences en Marche

Le mouvement Sciences en marche est parti ! Voici la carte finale pour le trajet en vélo Grenoble-Lyon samedi 4 octobre : Voir en plein écran

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Ending tactical voting

[To be translated…] Tactical voting Before each election in France, the largest political parties call for “tactical voting” (‘vote utile’, litterally ‘useful vote’) in the first round of our two-round elections to avoid a risk, e.g. the left being removed more »

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(Français) Le vacarme des bombes et le silence de la Gauche

Sorry, this entry is only available in Français.

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Unconditional basic income : debate notes

Translation in progress (questions are not translated yet) Here are detailed notes I took during a presentation and debate about unconditional basic income, organized in Grenoble, France by les Alternatifs and la Fase on october 13, 2010.

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General meeting for renewal : the Liberation forum in Grenoble

In the last three days, a convention was organized by the newspaper Liberation in Grenoble, combining conferences, debates and meetings between associations, French political figures, journalists and the public. I went to a few conferences and a day of debate more »

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USA : a bill to use approval voting

Interesting article on Slashdot about a bill in the USA that, if adopted, would change the voting system in New Hampshire to Approval Voting, using a variant that is included in PyVotons (classical version for now). In the discussion, after more »

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