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Ending tactical voting

[To be translated…] Tactical voting Before each election in France, the largest political parties call for “tactical voting” (‘vote utile’, litterally ‘useful vote’) in the first round of our two-round elections to avoid a risk, e.g. the left being removed more »

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Alpha web version of PyVotons!

At last, I put online a web version of PyVotons!. It is alpha software, not easy to run, lacking a lot of features. You should read the Documentation page before trying to install it. You need Python and python-openssl, on more »

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Soon : alpha version of WebPyvotons

After a few month of slumber, project PyVotons has awaken. It is now moving fast towards an alpha release on this website in the next few weeks. This version should include account creation, poll creation, voter’s listings, voting page and more »

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PyVotons : a new website

Welcome to the new PyVotons! website. The content of the previous site will be integrated shortly into this new website.

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