Soon : alpha version of WebPyvotons

After a few month of slumber, project PyVotons has awaken. It is now moving fast towards an alpha release on this website in the next few weeks.

This version should include account creation, poll creation, voter’s listings, voting page and finally poll’s result display.

Technical details : PyVotons contains a UI that runs in the client web browser (python compiled to javascript by Pyjamas) and a standalone HTTPS serveur (also using python) connected to a MySQL database to store user and poll data.

It should be the first usable web version of PyVotons but there will still be a lot on the TODO list :

  • include CSS support and styles, use new icons
  • code cleanup and documentation
  • better error management
  • translation support
  • user groups
  • security improvements (especially against DOS attacks)
  • e-mailing support for account creation and voting opportunities
  • support for other database egines (e.g. sqllite)
  • server-side should be able to run under Apache (CGI, app server…)


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